"The most effective course lecturer I have ever encountered in my career." --PhD San Francisco, CA 


      "The best class I've ever had. Ever. In any subject." --RN Los Angeles, CA




      For over twenty-five years-- since 1993-- Ian Brennan has provided Violence Prevention, Anger Management, and Verbal De-escalation trainings to over one-hundred thousand people across the United States, as well as teaching in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. With more than 20,000 hours of experience, he may very well be "the most lecturing lecturer anywhere". He is also the author of the book Anger Antidotes, published April 2011 by W.W. Norton (NYC), which has also been released in an Italian language edition. Due to popular demand, his follow-up book, Hate-less, was issued in the fall of 2014.




"This is a terrific book.  From the first page Ian Brennan's Hate-less is insightful and useful for all of us -- both in dealing with our own anger or the anger of those around us. A valuable resource that I will give to both friends and clients, this powerful book can be life altering."

--Judy Tatelbaum, LCSW

Author of The Courage To Grieve 

and You Don’t Have To Suffer


“Ian Brennan has already given us sage advice and practical skills in his book Anger Antidotes. With Hate-less, he now zooms out and gives us a perspective on how our use of words reflects and reinforces cultural biases, creates patterns of thinking, and ultimately contributes to our inability to communicate effectively with each other. Brennan calls for a restructuring of how we speak as a way to expand our ways of thinking, eliminating all or nothing/black and white words and creating a world without hate. Sounds extraordinary. And it is an extraordinary journey with Brennan as he details the importance of thinking, speaking, and paying attention to what we say.  Of course Brennan doesn’t just stop with the thoughtfulness that we have come to expect of him. He, once again, creates a practical program to guide us to mindful talking as an antidote to automatic and extreme communications.”

--Patt Denning, PhD

Harm Reduction Center (San Francisco)


“For anyone (and that would really be everyone) who has ever ‘lost it’ in a moment of anger and frustration, Ian Brennan's Hate-less is a welcome antidote. Practical, witty and easy-to-read (and more importantly, easy-to-implement) Brennan's advice is sage and thoughtful. This is a book you will wear out.”


--Madeline Levine, Ph.D. 

author of Teach Your Children Well 

and The Price of Privilege




"The course received a perfect rating of '5 out of 5' from participants." --Program Coordinator Redwood City, CA


"I learned so much and implemented the strategies the very next day..and guess what? (drumroll please) They worked!" --LVN Los Angeles, CA


"One of the most instructive classes I have ever taken!" --MD San Jose, CA


"I have had nothing but positive feedback from my staff." --Administrator Houston, TX


"4+ Stars! Two thumbs up. Way up!!!" --MSW Oakland, CA 




 "We are never not managing crisis. Even the most routine situation, if handled insensitively enough, can escalate. The best crisis intervention operates almost invisibly byway of its proactivity, in that, the problem behavior(s) that otherwise would have arisen are curtailed before truly developing at all."

....Ian Brennan, 1993

Ian Brennan, author and speaker